Bang Bang Racing THD/HD

Bang Bang Racing HD


A home console racing experience designed and optimized for NVIDIA® Tegra™-powered mobile devices and which utilizes NVIDIA® PhysX™ technology.
Bang Bang Racing THD is a fun, action-packed racing game that has cool visuals and pumped-up sports cars. But underneath its playful exterior, it has the pumping heart of a true racing game. Real-time dynamic physics allow for finesse and control – drifting through corners and clipping every apex delivers huge player satisfaction.
The game also features a unique control system allowing you to simply point where you want the car to go, as if you are drawing a racing line for the car to follow.


  • A brand new IP giving you an exclusive home console experience for your mobile device.
  • 8 stunning tracks based on world-wide locations.
  • 4 Racing classes including: Muscle based “N-Dura”, Sports style “Evo GT”, ALPS based “Protech” and open wheel style “Apex”.
  • 20 cars in total with each car having its own handling model and selection of skins.
  • Dynamic objects including exploding water, oil and fire barrels, as well as cones and tyres.
  • The game also features, single race, time trial, championship and reverse track modes.
  • In-depth unlockable achievements and leaderboard’s using Openfeint that lets you see where you rank amongst friend and foes globally.

Only Tegra 2 has given us the power to deliver our original IP from Playstation 3 to mobile devices without any loss in quality in fact the touch controls we have incorporated has made it more accessible than ever.

BBR THD was specific to Tegra 2 devices whereas BBR HD was not


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