Loki passed away this Summer.

It was quite unexpected, as he was “the old boy” having been with us for six years! We were sure he’d outlast everyone as he just fought through everything. He had arthritis, which cost a bit in keeping him medicated every day.. but you’d do it for any person, so why not your pet? Still part of the family, just perhaps a bit furrier!

But yes.. six years as part of the family is a long time. He outlived his companion, Thor, as well as Ragnarok and Magni. He was piggy number one. He went through our original cage; where both him and Thor were free-range piggies, able to leap out and follow us as they pleased - raiding the salad drawer of the fridge when we opened it. He got the joy of the custom built CNC cage, along with loft with Thor. He got to meet Ragnarok, Cupid and Magni. He soaked us during bath times, by shaking and running around as no, he did not like it! He let his presence be known as we got in the door, and the wheeks for food and attention. He chewed the bars to bits to let everyone know that Loki was boss. He was Claire’s pig. A fact he made perfectly clear by just tolerating me, but scrabbling to her everytime he was picked up. He was a gamer pig - and routinely cuddled down with Claire for gaming goodness - and trying to help by “testing” the analogue sticks for tastiness. He was best pig.

There won’t ever be another like him. Six years of Loki. Six years of memories. Six years of showing us what a Guinea Pig can be, and certainly not going down without a fight.

He’ll be back with Thor, causing mischief along with Ragna and Magni. Eating all the parsley they can, and forever keeping a watchful eye on me, and a loving eye on Claire.

Loki Cuddles

Loki Cuddles