So, it’s the middle of 2016 already.

The original plan was to start pushing out quick games in January, focus on something more substantial in February, start a bigger project in March to carry through to May, then start over again with some prototypes, pick some to develop, etc…
That didn’t work.

But that’s just life.

Funnily enough, we’ve actually been relatively active recently.
While the original idea of quick prototypes, further develop then polish one didn’t quite come to plan, we have released two quick prototypes in the past couple of months.
Sploosh! -
Snake-A-Roid or if you want to show off on the leaderboards

Sploosh! was done for the Low Rez Jam, and runs at 64x64 upscaled to 512x512, and is a little homage to Scuba Dive on the Spectrum. I quite enjoyed it, and though I managed to make a mess of the controls ( it wasn’t obvious where you were swimming ) I’d like to return to it - or the idea of it - to develop further.
I worked on this on and off through two weeks, doing all the art, sound, music and code. Just what I needed to break my codeblock!

Then we did Snake-A-Roid.
This was quite quickly pushed together in a little over two days and just worked off the bat.
Ironically, I thought it was too hard to begin with so slowed it down - where some of the feedback stated it was easier than they expected - ho hum!
That said, this one worked out really well, so have taken it to stage two - adding extra features, various platform support, and general rounding out to take it to store for selling.
I have it running on Android, there’s leaderboard support in for various services, 360 pad support on Windows, new power-up/downs, difficulty levels, and customisable controls.
So yea, Snake-A-Roid is coming.. probably add DX or something to it so that the original one can stay free and playable.
I reckon I should have it ready for the end of the month, barring any new madness that life brings.

After Snake-A-Roid… there’s a couple of projects to look into.. as while January didn’t quite work out as planned, I did throw together a bunch of little prototypes to test things throughout the months.
These include such odd things as:
Grubs - a sortof gameified Marble Solitaire meets Bejeweled type thing.
Moons of Subterrane - a remake of an old Ludum Dare entry I did.
Munch Munch Munch - A mobile specific game that I can only describe as Hungry Hungry Hippos meets Guitar Hero.
Blast Zone - a Defender-esque thing.
Invade - a reverse space invaders that didn’t quite work out, but did spawn an idea of a Tactics style varient.
PowerOUT - a remake of another old project I did.
Shot To Ribbons - meant for the 1bit jam, but didn’t finish it.. wrote a chunk of the outline for it though, and would probably return to it.
Smoosh! - an endless vertical climber/runner thing.
Metal Boa - Snake vs Robotron, and amusingly started before I did Snake-A-Roid - which is Snake vs Asteroids.

So one of them is likely to be next.

Will see how I feel at the end of the month once Snake-A-Roid is released.