I needed a demonstration for my Honours Project, I also needed an AI coursework and the 11th Ludum Dare 48 Challenge was just coming up!

I thought I’d attempt to do all three at once, because I was a bit mad like that.

The result was GEvOlve… meant to be a bit of an AI simulator where you couldn’t directly control your race of shapes, but could influence their jobs – Healer, Attacker, Defender, Breeder.

Unfortunately, the engine needed a lot more work than I expected, and adding in an OpenGL Render Path during the 48 hours on top of the game mechanics was probably not the wisest of decisions.

I eventually gave up when while trying to get QEMU to boot Windows XP for testing, it hard-locked the machine and I just felt too beaten to finish.


GEvOlve Screenshot


Full Source is available as part of the ludumdare github repo


SGZEngine with CodeBlocks as usual.

GIMP for bits of graphics.

Project Status

I actually got a fairly decent grade for the AI coursework. Though in terms of LD11, I didn’t finish unfortunately…