Islandz was produced for the Terrain Programming Coursework in Third Year.
I used OpenGL, and using examples from Focus On 3D Terrain Programming by Trent Polack created this tech demo that was supposed to include raising and lowering land in real time in the hopes of making a very basic Populous style clone.
It didn’t quite work out that way, due to using the ROAM algorithm which generates a new mesh every frame, making it rather difficult to get the exact point to modify.


“In Game”
Mock Up Sprites


As stated above, this includes all media files and full source – with a codeblocks project file.
The download is supplied with a Windows binary which you’ll need to run from bin/release/Islandz.exe or bin/debug/Islandz.exe for it to find it’s media files.
Vista and XP SP2+ users – This asks to connect to the internet, it does NOT use the internet ( source is supplied so you can check ) it’s just the engine framework used has internet support, and I didn’t disable it.

Islandz Soundtrack Islandz Test Track

Project Status

It met the Coursework spec and goals, and got me a good grade, so it’s complete in that respect.
I may go back to it at a later date, but probably stick to isometric 2D or re-do the terrain implementation so I can get the actual terrain co-ordinates.
This was also the last coursework created in the old SGameZ framework before SGZEngine was started.