PowerOUT was created for the WinAPI Coursework in Second Year.
I created the entire thing from scratch in a weekend – hence the very horrid graphics – and was written on a Linux system using WINE to check the binary, and the mingw tool-chain to create the Win32 binary.

The goal of the game, is to power the reactors by feeding charge particles to a conversion station, and then wiring the station to the reactor. It borrows from Deflektor and Pipedream. It’s also made more difficult than it should be due to wires exploding, and a bug that made it very biased towards corners rather than straight pieces.
There’s also some bugs in the path finding code, but the game in general works as a very quickly done prototype.


Title Ingame 1
Ingame 1 Ingame 2
Ingame 2


The download contains the Windows binary, which will run under WINE in Linux without problems, and almost full source code – the main.cpp file is missing. Unfortunately, I do not have this file any longer, so this is all the code I have.
Also included is the Report that was submitted.

PowerOUT Soundtrack

PowerOUT – Credits Track

Project Status

This was done for a WinAPI coursework and it met and succeeded with this goal.
As for the game itself, there has been a second version worked on for a while – being rewritten in SDL to support other platforms.
Chances are high that it will be redone and fixed.