Tiny Critters


So, Tiny Critters was originally started in 2005 and released as part of a PS2Linux coursework using ncurses. Which looked something like this:

PS2Title PS2Ingame

And was in effect a Chu Chu Rocket clone.

I did however like the idea of it, and little creatures running around, as well as a more grounded character within the world that you controlled much like Troddlers. So, I then started doodling and came up with these three characters:

TinyCritter Beastie Wizard

And drew some sprites as well:

CritterSheet BeastieSheet WizardSheet XmasWizard

Made some music: Title Music

And put together a sprite test while working on my Honours project:


There were even some levels designed!




These were playable, there did exist a small 5 level playable demo….
But it got lost in a hard drive crash, and that hurt a bit as I was rather invested in this one.

So… over a decade later, I’ve started looking into it again as an Arcade Badgers game.

This has been restarted a number of times, so hopefully, this time, we can get it out!