Death Karts


Back in 2001, I think, I was in an IT club at a local community centre. We were quite bored and we needed a project to do to save us from being shut down. For reasons I still don’t quite know, I decided “Let’s make a game!”.
Now, I hadn’t really touched programming since STOS on the Atari ST, and had only been recently messing around with DIV Games Studio at that time, but thought I could easily pick it up as I went. This sortof worked, and we did produce a game of sorts, but we didn’t really have much time to put into it ( about a week if I remember correctly ) so everything is very rushed, and there’s no physics to speak of!
I don’t think it saved us either, and we got combined with another group for another few months.
Either way, this is probably the first PC game I had done since my initial messing around with C and databases when Borland C++ 4.5 came free with PC Plus! It’s definitely the first graphical game on the PC I had done up to this point.
It’s here for historical blackmail purposes.



The Tracks
Egor’s Speed Ring
Egor's Speed Ring
St Elmo’s Fire
St Elmo's Fire
St Elmo’s Last Stand
St Elmo's Last Stand
St Elmo’s Revenge
St Elmo's Revenge
Egor’s Oval
Egor's Oval
Egor’s Long One
Egor's Long One
Stuckie’s Speed Ring
Stuckie's Speed Ring
Egor’s Butcher
Egor's Butcher
Evil’s Jaggy Edges
Evil's Jaggy Edges


This game is very old, and was created in DIV Games Studio 2.
As such, you’ll need either an old machine running DOS or Win9x.. or DosBox ( which I tested the game in, as seen in the screen shots. )

– still archiving –

I don’t understand how the SOURCE could be smaller when there’s a 15mb FPG file in there, but whatever!


I’ve replaced the music.. I don’t know what the original music was, as I couldn’t find it – and to be honest, I’m surprised I even found THIS in the first place!
Music tracks are: Round The Twist, Can’t Stop Dancing and Still Dancing.. all by me.

Project Status

Finished long long ago!
I’m not sure I’ll go back to this, to be honest… as I said, I’m surprised I even found it still, as I didn’t know of any copies that I had made!