Santa’s Elves


Santa’s Elves was created for the Computer Games Technology Flash coursework in First Year.
I thought as it was coming up to Christmas, I would create a festive little game!
It is basically a survival shooter… you control Santa at the bottom of the screen, and have to survive the onslaught of ever-increasing Elves from the top!


Santa's Elves Title Santa's Elves Ingame Santa's Elves End Screen

Play The Game!

You can play the game by clicking here! ( Although you will need Flash installed and working… )


The FLA is now available, after me originally losing it but finding it on an incredibly old backup disc!
Santa’s Elves (1mb FLA)

Resources Used

Macromedia Flash 2004MX
A random tune from

Project Status

It was created for a coursework and as a bit of fun.. it’s served it’s purpose.