This site has been stuck in a rut for quite a while, with broken images and all sorts for a couple of years after the import from Wordpress.

I’ve now gone through everything, added missing projects and images, and recategorised things… it should now be pretty complete. There are a few things still missing - downloads for older projects mainly, and a details for a few odd projects - but the most interesting bits and pieces should be here now.

Where possible, things have links to SoundCloud where I put most of the music, and to either my own GitHub repo or the Arcade Badgers GitHub repo where there is source available.

It’s been an interesting year for me in general. A lot of ups and downs.

Starting with the downs first… both kids had their appendices removed at the start of Summer - within three weeks of each other. I swear you cannot put odds on that. So that meant they were stuck inside in what turned out to be a rather glorious Summer for a change. Not long afterwards however, Claire’s grandmother passed away… and not long after that again, Loki passed away - to which I posted about below. We’ve also still been fighting with the debt, with another magic bill pulled out of HMRC’s thin air.

On to the good, however.

While the debt has been a pest, we’re getting through it.. with the hope of being completely clear of the lot of it by the end of the year! Hurrah! I’ve also found time to work on a few projects, from JS1K with Pollute at the beginning of the year, through to LowRezJam with Pixel Beard and JS13k with -link> just this month. Also, YoYo released the Nintendo Switch export for GameMaker Studio 2! Or the Open Beta anyway, with the final to be done soon-ish.

So, it’s been an interesting year.. and it’s not finished yet.

The idea is to do another odd experimental thing, and then finally (FINALLY) finish off Snake-A-Roid 2.0 as I’m slowly getting tired of it. There’s not much left to do, but it’s in that last 90% complete stage, where everytime you get to 99%, you find something else that needs done and pushes it back another week of real dev time.. and the Badgers is a side-hustle after all so time isn’t always available.

But here’s hoping it sneaks out before the year’s end.. it is looking rather good.