About stuckieGAMEZ

The website, stuckieGAMEZ, is essentially a portfolio and backup site for Steven Campbell.
It contains various projects that he has worked on; ranging from stand-out projects such as Plight of The Weedunks, to a lot of random crap.
He figures that by at least storing and holding the crap on his own site and domain, he has some semblance of control over it… obviously not quite understanding the whole nature of once it’s online, the signal cannot be stopped!

Steven uses the stuckieGAMEZ moniker when releasing homebrew and opensource projects.


About Steven Campbell

Steven Campbell, also known around the internet as some form of “Stuckie,” is a Programmer by trade.

He is mostly self-taught; starting from humble beginnings on a ZX Spectrum, progressing to the Atari ST and finally landing on the PC.
However, being the gadget tinkering freak that he is, he can’t leave things well alone and branches out to development on a number of consoles, computers and hand held devices; ranging from Android, iOS, GP32, PSP, Dreamcast, Jaguar, Pandora, and generally whatever he can get his grubby mitts on.

Qualification-wise, he has a BSc with Honours in Computer Games Technology from the University of Abertay-Dundee.

Steven is currently employed in the Games Industry, and seems to like talking about himself in third person.


Contact Details

You can generally get in touch with Steven via email.
His account name is “stuckie” at this domain.
This sneaky way of making someone read and figure out the email address should hopefully keep the amount of Viagra spam to a minimum.