Yesterday morning, I got my Gameduino in the post. Not bad considering it was shipped on the 31st May from over in California.

I won’t be able to have a good look into it for a few days to a week yet, but I did boot it up and have a fiddle with the pre-loaded Asteroids game, which led me to the conclusion that this thing’s going to be fun to play with! Looks pretty much like a nice little 8bit console type thing, and looking forward to doing a nice little game for it.

So, I’m adding it onto The Quest.

Speaking of which, I haven’t had much time to fiddle with Core 24 on the Pandora. Nor fiddle with my engine in general.

Work stuff has been progressing nicely, I’d say, but it’s been eating up a lot of time, as it’s rather critical to get things right first time - or at least before anyone actually starts using it properly. So lots of extra work and thinking to ensure it all gels together properly.

I’m also currently collecting development environments for my hardware at the moment, anyway.. the older and newer machines are relatively easy to get compilers for, but it’s some of the ones in the middle - Dreamcast and Saturn in particular - which are a bit painful to find. I have messed with KalistOS before for the Dreamcast, so I’ll probably use that again - assuming I can find it. I also haven’t seen the Playstation compiler I used for quite a while either, and I imagine that’s going to be a right pain to find as well. At any rate, part of the reason for The Quest is to accumulate all these development bits and bobs in one place ( assuming they are pure homebrew and not leaked naughtiness of course! no badness here! ) so that I can remember where they are, if nothing else.

I’ve also still got some unfilled pages hanging around here that I’ve still to fix!

Oh well.. they’ll all get done at some point…