I’ve now added a fair chunk of my game and hardware collection up in Randomness and The Collection.

I like collecting stuff.

This sort of put me on track to start The Quest as well.

What is The Quest, you say?

Well, originally it was just create and run a Hello World on the hardware of everything I get my mitts on - but having done that on most of what I have already, it gets a bit boring, and nothing much else tends to come from it. Instead, The Quest is going to turn into producing at least one unique game on every console and computer I have.

Makes sense, I am a games programmer, and I like fiddling with things!

That’s not all there is to The Quest though! I shall also document the process - setting up toolchains and so forth as need be ( though if I need to circumvent any certain hardware features, I won’t be documenting that particular process.. it’s sad that we have to do this at times, but I certainly won’t help prop the door open to nefarious people sneaking in and abusing such power. )

I still have all my notes from the original Quest so hopefully the links and stuff are still valid for me to re-grab everything and carry on for some of the older and stranger machines that I posses.

For now, The Quest currently revolves around the Pandora, and a little game named Core 24.