Perhaps a bit quicker than expected.. as I’ve not pushed everything over yet, but thisll at least give me some incentive to do it as people complain about things being broken and such like.

At any rate, welcome to the new stuckieGAMEZ website/blog/thing which’ll probably stay like this for the next five years or so!

I’m still rooting about for more source code and things on backup discs to push up.. along with design docs and so forth, but there’s a lot of it as I do have the usual programmer trait of equal parts OCD and ADHD - I can bury myself deep into a project and be particularly anal about how things function, as well as get bored easily and jump to other projects or start again! I call it Half-Arsed Compulsion Disorder and seems to fit me pretty well.

I still have to pull over the bits and pieces from the old blog too.. however, most of that can just be lost and forgotten - or archived into articles, guides and tutorials rather than re-posts. And of course, translate all the old project stuff from the previous site over.. but this is made somewhat easier in that I’m abusing the page system in WordPress just as much as I abused my own page system in siteENGiNE, and in the same manner, so most pages are just a copy/paste over for the most part.

Anyway, it’s midnight on a Saturday and I think my insomnia is about to let me sleep.. so with a new site front end in place, it’s time to see what chaos is left for me in the morning!