I’ve been having a rake through my hard drives recently to clean them up a bit.

It’s quite scary the amount of junk I have just sitting about, as well as how many duplicates of the same things that are not just on separate hard drives, but are usually on the same hard drive in different folders named “backup” and “stuff” and so on… though when I used to backup my code to CD, I’d just label them “Backup 25” and so on - making that just as useless!

Anyway, I’ve found some useful little code snippets that I’ll be sticking up here under the Tutorials & Guides category.

Some of them are a bit cleaner and more usable than others, whereas some need a bit of explanation as to what on earth is going on.

One of them is really clean and is in effect a fully working example in it’s own right, so I’ve already put this up - A Simple C State Machine. It’s pretty obvious what it’s doing, but sometimes you just need a bit of a poke in the right direction to remember how things should be laid out, etc… so I’m posting it up as a reminder to myself, and to anyone else that may find it useful! You can find it here: Simple C State Machine Gist

Right, back to sifting through this mess…