So.. Grim has been available for a few months now.

It’s done better than Germies has, but it’s still been a catastrophic failure.

We have sold a grand total of 3 copies outside of the Bundle Bandits bundle that happened in June.
The bundle was indeed a good thing for us as we did get a fair bit of exposure from it… sadly, it just didn’t quite convert into additional sales after the bundle had ended.

So now what…

Pick ourselves up, and get cracking on Game number 3, of course!

And keeping with the number three, there’s actually three designs to pick from:
A Rogue-like
An Arcade game

Let’s break them down a bit..

Yargh! is our RTS game. Rejiggered a bit to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible, and aiming to be a gentle stepping stone for those perhaps not so familiar with the usual RTS standards, to just jump in and play.
I originally wrote Yargh! for one of the Ludum Dare contests, and although largely incomplete, there was a spark in there and the core ideas were there – just perhaps not quite implemented too well ( or at all! )

Our Rogue-like is a bit more interesting, but again serves the ‘Badgers mission of breaking down the barriers.
Most Rogue-likes are hard as nails – perma-death, and lots of it, is a common trait – and while some traits define the genre; some do get in the way of the experience, we think. Such as, why not continue down into the dungeon again with your last character? Everything might be that bit more beasting, of course, but how many procedurally generated dungeons can your valiant hero survive? Or will they wimp out and run back out ( with a boat-load of loot in tow! )
So, taking on the “coffee break” experience where games are quick but satisfying, we’ve come up with a simple and intuitive design for our Rogue-like that breaks some of the rules – but all the right rules ;)

And finally, our Arcade game.
We originally started this almost exactly a year ago; and have a very basic version of it running as is.
Like Grim, it’s a mash-up of a couple of defining games we thoroughly enjoyed… this time being Lode Runner, Rodland, and another bit of Bubble Bobble – as you can never have enough Bubble Bobble!
This one is perhaps a bit seasonal, and as a certain ghoulish holiday is approaching, we may want to choose this one over the others to try and sneak into a few bundles and promotions for said holiday.
That said, it is another Arcade game, and we’ve just done Grim… though, our name isn’t Arcade Badgers for nothing!

There’ll likely be more gibberings actually on the ‘Badgers main site once we figure out what it is we want to do.. but all three designs will be done at some point. Just that they’re the most likely for Game 3 at the moment, and writing them down sometimes helps the choosing.