Wow, time flies when you’re not paying attention!

Yesterday, it wasn’t until about 10pm before I had time to look at anything, and was rather knackered so the extent of it was further testing of the toolchain with something a bit more advanced than my “hello world” apps. I compiled a few Flixel examples and they ran without any issues. Then I fell asleep. But the toolchain did spit out the examples correctly, so I feel confident enough that I set it up correctly!

Tonight, I’ll get started on something myself, as I’ve a big base of code that I can look over if need be, and I’m about half way through the 7 day deadline. I’ve a feeling the next few nights could be all-nighters to get it done, but with it being the Easter Holidays and with a 4 and a 5 year old running around, that’s looking like the likely option!

( The extra proof that I’m perhaps run ragged by these two little whirlwinds, is that I posted this as a page rather than a post originally *cough* )