Day Five was not wholly productive as I found out I had managed to download the 4.1 version of the Flex SDK - they’re up at version 4.6, which added, amongst other things, “native” JSON support. That was clever of me. So the few hours I had were spent banging my head against the wall, wondering why stuff wasn’t working, then spending the rest of it downloading the _correct_ SDK. I did at least get some working file utils going, so wasn’t completely wasteful.

Luckily, Day Six has been very productive and I now have my example up and running.
It’s a little Sudoku game. Why? Because Sudoku itself is a relatively straight-forward game with some nice little mathematical fun to it - especially when figuring out a decent solver.
All you need to do is fill a grid with numbers from 1 to 9, and ensure each block has unique numbers, along with each row and column.
Granted, my solver just brute forces it at the moment, but I’ll take simplicity over complexity any day - that and I’ve still got to try and make it look pretty, as all it’s doing is reading an array from a file, fiddling with it, and spitting it back out to another file. Not really game material, eh?

So, tomorrow is effectively my last day on this - and I’ve still to figure out input, displaying graphics, proper event management, playing sounds - at least my shoulder has healed up a bit, and I can work a bit later into the night again.