Another difficult year gone by…

A year full of family passings and particularly nasty illnesses from all fronts meant no Badger work got done at all - and it’s looking very close to being shut down if I can’t turn fortunes around in the next month or so. The passing of my Mum had quite an effect on me, and have found it very difficult to concentrate on much beyond YoYo work. Hence why, for yet another year, this site is still not exactly completely functional and is missing images and files and all sorts. That said, I did manage to recover a number of source archives from backups, and immediately uploaded them to GitHub… which included the source for Plight of the Weedunks, SGZEngine and the aborted SGEngine. With another two family losses early in the year as well, however, my head just hasn’t been in the greatest of places.

As for illnesses… I got hospitalised with tonsilitis, had a second bout of vestibular neuronitis ( basically confirming that this will be a recurring pest I’ll have to live with, ) and have just finished a particularly nasty case of the flu - where the last one that was this bad had put me in hospital a few years ago. If I’m ill, I’m definitely ill! No minor ailments for me, sadly… Add to that and my daughter being finally diagnosed with “oral allergy syndrome” after about six months of wondering what on Earth was going on, and it’s certainly been an interesting year. It’s certainly fun to explain to a school why she can’t have fruit, soya or dairy ( her current triggers ) particularly when it’s all “Healthy Eating” initiatives. This knocked out the Summer holidays as a block of free time to do stuff in.

Also managed to rack up a bit more in the debt department due to playing the “what’s safe to eat” game.. but we’ll get that sorted.

Now then, 2016 is just round the corner and it’s going to be a bit of a bugger to start with. While the flu is more or less over with, I’ve still been left with a niggly cough that I can’t quite shift yet. And the Badgers are skint. There’s enough money scraped together to get it through another month and that’s it. As such, I have to get something released to try and get something in, or I will have no choice but to close it. This makes for a tricky situation as while I’d ordinarily do Badger work in my spare time I’m not quite able to do too much as, due to the flu, I was taken out most of December so have a lot of YoYo work to catch up on… So, I need some quick turn around games.. of which diving into the archives of design notes I have, there’s a couple that I can hopefully get done. Ideally, I’ll release a few “big” games next year - Tiny Critters ( finally! ) along with a new Germies! and perhaps a strategy game of some sort… be that Yargh! or derelict_ or something else.. there’s a few ideas kicking about at any rate. What I’d really like to do, is alternate between a couple of quick games, and a big one.. but that depends greatly upon what free time I can get. Tricky.

Oh well, life is life, let’s just get on with it.