So I, along with my wife, will be entering this weekend’s Ludum Dare Jam.

This is scary.
I haven’t done any programming since I had to leave Atomicom due to ill health - which had been up and down all year with the breaking point being in August.
If things go particularly pear shaped, then it’ll likely crush my confidence and I’ll have to have a sit down and think whether I’ll be able to work as a programmer again.

But, this is also exciting.
We’ll be working together on something we both love.
And, if it does goes well, it’ll also set the grounding for myself getting better, as it’ll boost my confidence.

Bit of a double edged sword really…; as it can go either way, but without risk there is no reward.
I am at least being somewhat sensible about this, in using Impact as an engine, and JavaScript as a language. While it’s not my usual go to, what with being out of the world of programming for a while, it’s perhaps the safest option for now! OpenGL, SDL, C++ et al aren’t the friendliest of things to deal with after a long break from using them :)

Additionally, we’ll be working together under the banner of Arcade Badgers.
This has been a little sideline thing I’ve been planning for a while, and if this weekend does go well, it may well give me the kicking I need to actually go forward with it - and seeing as I’ll be stuck on benefits for the foreseeable future, I’ve not got anything to lose in trying - especially as there are Test Trading and Permitted Work clauses I can poke at.

Now to do some tests… what’s a variable, again?