Well, 2011 was a bit of a turbulent year, but I managed to work quite a number of things.

Commercially, I was relatively active, it seems!
Bang Bang Racing : Available for Tegra2 Android Devices and Digital Reality are putting the finishing touches on the PS3 and X360 version which I also had a hand in.
Switch! : Ad supported Android Version, Ad Free on Android and on iOS with an in-app purchase to remove the Ads
The Best Christmas Game Ever : on Android and on iOS
Tiny Gems : on iOS with an Android version being wrapped up.

Ludum Dare:
2011 wasn’t a particularly great Ludum Dare year for me, as although I did make starts to every one of them, I didn’t manage to finish any of them really!
LD20’s theme just didn’t appeal to me at all, and I couldn’t really think up of anything, and the same happened for the recent LD22; though I did start many ideas which may be expanded upon later.
As for LD21, sneaky laptop issues stopped me from actually submitting it, but I did actually finish something on time - Thieving Fingers.
I also attempted to do the October Challenge, but failed miserably as the last quarter of the year caused a great upheaval of everything in my life, and lack of time and concentration destroyed any hopes of actually doing something, sadly. Though I did manage to get a grasp of HTML5 and JavaScript which developed further in LD22.

When the Pandora finally got into my mitts, I was fairly active for it as I had a fair amount of time to devote to random fiddlings.. sadly as the year went on, my random fiddling time got cut shorter and shorter, so while I did start various projects such as Extend Utils and Debian on SD, they’ve stagnated and have likely been superseded now by things that actually work!

Random Hackerings:
I did have time to do the odd random hack, though.
I gave Zear some help with a quick port of a Dingoo game over to the good ‘ol GP32.. the process of setting up the GP32 toolchain I documented on here.
I also had a quick fiddle with the Arduino and Gameduino bits and pieces - though haven’t actually released anything as yet, the same goes for the Jaguar Skunkboard I recently got from the GOAT Store.

So, into 2012 now - what are my plans?
Well, I will be doing the main Ludum Dare compos as usual ( this April’s one should be a biggie! ) and Atomicom have a few new games coming up.
I, myself, have a couple of projects in the works which shall hopefully start picking up steam soon, with one being targeted for the end of the month.
As for random hackerings and picking up older projects, they’ll depend on what free time I have left.

Should be fun!