I love that sound.

I hear it a lot as deadlines make that sound as they whizz past!

Yes, I didn’t finish Little Quirks in time for the October Challenge - actually, I managed less than I did during the original Mini LudumDare challenge.. go figure.

Also, going on from my little rant last time about working on Engines rather than the Game, I decided to eat said words, and have purchased a license for ImpactJS which is a rather fancy and cleanly written Javascript Engine using HTML5 fanciness. I plan on using this pretty heavily soon, when my super secret secret project is set loose in a month’s time - which is part of the reason why Quirks didn’t get done in time. However, if the super secret secret project pans out well, Quirks will be done in Impact too, so it’ll all be good :)

Right, I’ve another whooosh sound to make!