To save utterly spamming the LD blog with things, I shall be writing most of the progress reports here, and any big major milestones will be effectively cross-posted.

This one’s a boring one, as I’ve nothing to actually show yet!

So, what have I done to actually warrant a post?
Well, I’ve decided on the game that I’ll be doing “Little Quirks” and I’ve almost finished the Renderer rewriting that I was meant to be doing all last month.

The previous couple of maddeningly long posts cover the engine details I’ve been working on, so they won’t be repeated here.. your scroll arm will no doubt hurt enough from reading them all anyway ( especially as I’ve decided to bump up the post count to 3 per page now, while working on Little Quirks to force me to do more small posts! )

But yes, I’ve decided upon Little Quirks. This was something I started for Mini LD11 - but sadly never finished. In fact, I never publicly released it, nor really saved much of the code, and there’s not much left of it anymore. This is partly why I never went back to it - most of everything I had got lost! However, the idea is pretty solid, and condensed enough to work out in a month, I reckon. Yes, it borrows heavily from Lemmings, but it does go off at an interesting tangent in that you can’t directly manipulate the Quirks - you can only create things within their world for them to interact with. This creates some unique design challenges as do I allow Quirks to have special abilities or not to keep things interesting? Something that was in the original design ( each colour had a specific purpose ) but perhaps that’s something that should be removed for a possible sequel? Either way, there was a multitude of devices to create - some to help your Quirks get about, others to keep nasties at bay ( but weren’t above having a go at your Quirks either should you let them wander too close! )

I’m aiming to get most of the game done by the second week, which gives me two weeks to look for a portal or two to push it on, and then perhaps integrate achievements and gubbins like that for each portal that is mad enough to take it, before spending the final week actually doing the submission process and waiting for approval/rejection/etc… The game itself is being aimed at Android and iOS devices, but should also run on at least Windows and Linux as well.. Mac’s a bit of a funny one as I’ve not yet sat down and really plugged away at it yet, but we’ll see :)

Interesting oddity; I wrote and read-back this post as if it was a sine-wave scroller on an Atari ST demo… perhaps that means there’ll be a good infusion of 16-bit styling in Little Quirks?