I was at Sunrise 2011 last weekend, along with Octopi!

That was fun :) It was our first demoparty, as was probably evident from the fact we were rather nervous and just sortof hid out the road up at the back of the room. For those wondering, I was the one with the two-tone blue zippy hoodie and the multi-coloured space invaders t-shirt, and Octopi wore the red zippy hoodie.

It was also a nice holiday break too.. so during the day, we mostly went wandering around Luton and the surrounding areas, to be back for the events in the evening - or most of them at least ( we were both really knackered on Saturday and missed the prizegiving, but did catch CoLD SToRAGE, all the entries and the start of hoffman’s set! )

I was particularly exhausted as I got to travel to and from the scenic route of Liverpool to Luton via Dundee! But it was worth it, so it’s all good.

We both really enjoyed ourselves and will be looking forward to attending next year’s party!

And maybe I’ll have time to make a release too :)


Also, while I’m here.. this weekend marks the cross over point with me fiddling with git to fiddling with mercurial. Annoyingly, I’ve done bugger all on it.. so I’ll be making a bit more of a concentrated effort the rest of the week. The second half of the month will also see me fixing up the engine in time for the Ludum Dare October Challenge. Or attempting to at any rate!

Right, off to work!