Well, it seems the spambots are barking at the door again! so I’ve upped the anti-spam stuff a bit.

I’ve also opened registrations, so that if you do genuinely want to post comments and things, you can register and not be annoyed by the anti-spam bits and bobs ( well, short of the one on the login form! )

Anyway, to fill out the post a bit, I’ve been working on GLESGAE recently, and finally pushed in a Resource Manager. Now I can care not about deleting things, as the system will do it for me, hurrah! Well, to a point! I still need to delete the groups and banks they sit in when I’m finished with them, but that’s the job of a State destructor - and the State System is next!

I’m somewhat aiming to attempt Ludum Dare this weekend.. we shall see on how much spare time I have nearer the end of the week. It’ll also be the testing grounds for GLESGAE in it’s current state, which’ll be fun as there’s still a fair bit to do on it, including but not limited to:

  1. State System
  2. Entities
  3. Memory Management
  4. Logging ( the few printfs that have sneaked in don’t count! ;) )
  5. Sound
  6. Windows Support ( this is probably rather needed as most people use Windows. I, however, am not most people ;) )

There’s other things I want in GLESGAE but they’ll be done in due course.

Right, back to work!