For the past week, my server seems to be getting dos’d for some reason.

It’s quite annoying, please quit it.

Also, on the work front, not much has happened other than a major shake-up with GLESGAE being rewritten in C, and adding SDL2 support.
Yargh! hasn’t actually been started yet ( on the code front, anyway. )
This is due to currently being decanted from our house, while things are repaired… it’s been an interesting experience!

I also had a telephone interview with eeGeo, which was fun. Not sure how much my anxiety came through with me gibbering a bit, though.
They had given me a programming challenge to do beforehand, which although I managed to make a bit of a mess of it due to current circumstances, I got pushed through to the telephone interview stage anyway. I do enjoy a good programming challenge, as I feel it’s a bit more constructive in seeing how someone can actually write code, and how they plan things out. I much prefer them to the SURPRISE! here’s a three page quiz for you to do at the interview, enjoy! thing I remember getting a couple of times after I just graduated. That’s just textbook regurgitation. That said, I was still given a few technical questions during the phone interview, and I stumbled about a bit from being a tad rusty.

Hopefully we get back in our house soon, and back to normality.

I need to work! And earn the pennies!