Santa’s Elves


Santa’s Elves was created for the Computer Games Technology Flash coursework in First Year.
I thought as it was coming up to Christmas, I would create a festive little game!
It is basically a survival shooter… you control Santa at the bottom of the screen, and have to survive the onslaught of ever-increasing Elves from the top!


Santa's Elves Title
Santa's Elves Ingame
End Screen
Santa's Elves End Screen

Play The Game!

You can play the game by clicking here!


The FLA is now available, after me originally losing it but finding it on an incredibly old backup disc!
Santa’s Elves (1mb FLA)

Resources Used

Macromedia Flash 2004MX
A random tune from

Project Status

It was created for a coursework and as a bit of fun.. it’s served it’s purpose.