It was just last week that we lost Thor… and only four days ago that we got Ragnarok.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to say goodbye to Ragnarok already, as he passed away this afternoon.
We don’t know why… however, as he seemed to “hoot” we think he had a heart defect that suddenly gripped him just this morning, and took him away in the afternoon.

We barely got to know him; which was a shame as his character was slowly starting to come out.
He reminded us very much of Thor – not least because of the streak of Thor’s colouring he had, but in the way he acted.
He was another fast eater/drinker.. getting themselves in a bit of a coughing fit for going a bit too fast… and he had Thor’s mischievous side to him. We had put him with Loki in our 6′ by 2′ C&C cage, with a divider between them. This meant they could see and smell one another, but couldn’t actually get to one another. After losing Thor, Loki had become very withdrawn, but as soon as we put the little guy in the next area beside him, he immediately perked up. He wanted to get in to play with him; but wasn’t too above himself for trying to show who’s boss. Not that it worked. Loki would rumble, Ragna would turn round and wiggle his butt at him and bound off.

Ragna was so tiny – he must’ve been just 8 weeks old – as when he was on his cushion, he couldn’t scratch himself for falling over! He had no weight to put on the cushion, so was at the mercy of how it was fluffed up.
He’d also run from me any time I went near the cage.. usually round to the back of his house. Then poke his nose out to see what I was doing. Much like Thor used to do… and I believe that Ragna would have also ventured out and give a lick and a nibble to get me to chase him when he got older.

Although we had him just a short few days, he left piggy footprints in our hearts.. and I’m sure we gave him a few days of luxury. We knew he enjoyed it from the sheer height he’d jump from popcorning.. I just wish there was something more we could’ve done – but we got to the vet twice today, as quick as we could – so there really wasn’t anything else.

Goodbye Ragnarok, may Thor be keeping you company.. just don’t go along with his mischief!

Ragnarok's cheeky face

Ragnarok’s cheeky face