Nintendo NES
2x Pads
1x Light Gun

Nintendo Gameboy
Original with battery pack and magnifier.

Nintendo SNES
1x Pad
Japanese with  32MBit Game Doctor SF6 + DSP

Nintendo N64
1x Pad + rumble pack + expansion pack
Japanese model with Doctor V64

Nintendo N64
Pal + expansion + rumble pack + 2 controllers

Nintendo GBA
Original purple version with battery pack.
256Mb EZ-Flash cart

Nintendo DS Lite
Slot-2 Supercard SD

2x Nintendo DSi

2x Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Wii
USB Gecko + Homebrew Channel

Nintendo Wii U


Nintendo NES
(sleeve) Digger T. Rock
(sleeve) Mario Bros / Duck Hunt
(sleeve) Golf
(loose) Double Dragon
(loose) Double Dragon 3

Nintendo Gameboy
(boxed) Gameboy Gallery
(boxed) Star Trek : Generations
(boxed) Wario Land
(boxed) Wave Race
(boxed) Zelda : Link’s Awakening
(case) Super Mario Land
(loose) Tetris

Nintendo SNES
(loose) Starwing

Nintendo N64
(boxed) Jetforce Gemini
(loose) Conker’s Bad Fur Day
(loose) Star Wars Episode 1 : Racer

Nintendo DS
(boxed) Harvest Moon DS
(boxed) Nonostray

Nintendo Wii
(boxed) Monster Hunter Tri – Collector’s Edition with WiiSpeak, Controller, etc..
(case) Zelda : Twilight Princess
(case) Raving Rabbids 2
(case) Raving Rabbids Go Home
(case) Raving Rabbids TV Party
(case) Raving Rabbids Travel In Time
(case) Super Smash Brothers Brawl (JAP)
(case) Wii Play
(case) House of The Dead : Overkill
(case) Wii Sports