I shall be storing the guides and articles I write up for GLESGAE here as well as on Pandora Wiki: http://pandorawiki.org/GLESGAE

More because I’m trying to keep other platforms off the Pandora Wiki, and I’m aiming for GLESGAE to be multi-platform.
There are also two versions of GLESGAE, the open-source variant which is described on the Pandora Wiki, and my own personal one which has some extra features. The articles here will explain the extra features of my personal one as well as the open-source version.

The open-source version is currently licensed under the LGPL v2 with the following major points:

  • Linking as a dynamic library to the GLESGAE engine means you do not have to release your object source, just make a note which release you used ( revision number/binary release number. )
  • Statically linking does require you to release your object source and all non-standard tools and libraries required to build your application, as per LGPLv2 requirements, or provide a written notice valid for three years to provide it on request.
  • Commercial licenses are available on request which waive all LGPL v2 restrictions.
I shall start moving the sections over from the Pandora Wiki soon, and expanding on them as and when I have time.