I needed a demonstration for my Honours Project, I also needed an AI coursework and the 11th Ludum Dare 48 Challenge was just coming up!

I thought I’d attempt to do all three at once, because I’m a bit mad like that, hehe.

The result was GEvOlve… meant to be a bit of an AI simulator where you couldn’t directly control your race of shapes, but could influence their jobs – Healer, Attacker, Defender, Breeder.

Unfortunately, the engine needed a lot more work than I expected, and adding in an OpenGL Render Path during the 48 hours on top of the game mechanics was probably not the wisest of decisions.

I eventually gave up when while trying to get QEMU to boot Windows XP for testing, it hard-locked the machine and I just felt too beaten to finish.

I did do a timelapse though!


GEvOlve Screenshot


GEvOlve Win32 Binary ( 1.5MB 7z )

As the “game” was scripted in SGZEngine, the Lua scripts represent the game’s source and are included.


SGZEngine with CodeBlocks as usual.

GIMP for bits of graphics.

Project Status

I actually got a fairly decent grade for the AI coursework. Though in terms of LD11, I didn’t finish unfortunately…