Commodore C64 with tape deck and Ultimate 1541-II

Commodore Amiga
2x 500s – one with what looks like an RTC card.
3x 1200s – one with a 4GB Compact Flash hard drive, one which has never been opened, and one which isn’t keen on PCMCIA cards.

Commodore Amiga CD32
With CD Link to Amiga 1200 to use as external slave CD drive.


Commodore C64
Mostly covertapes

Commodore Amiga
(boxed) The Chaos Engine
(boxed) Darkemere
(boxed) Eye of The Beholder
(boxed) Kings Quest
(boxed) Kingmaker
(boxed) The Secret of Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck’s Revenge
(boxed) Syndicate
(boxed) Valhalla : Fortress of Eve

Commodore Amiga CD32
(dual case) Diggers / Oscar & Dangerous Streets / Wing Commander
(jewel case) Guardian
(card case) Captive 2 : Liberation
(jewel case) Microcosm
(jewel case) Network CD Volume 2
(jewel case) Overkill / Lunar-C
(jewel case) Total Carnage
(jewel case) Worms