The vast majority of my projects seem to erode quite badly with bitrot, so I’ve taken all my LudumDare entries - including incomplete and unreleased ones - and splattered everything that I have of them up on github.

This includes:

  1. LD11 - GEvOlve
  2. LD15 - Moons of Subterrane
  3. LD16 - derelict_
  4. LD17 - Yargh!
  5. LD18 - T.I.T.A.N
  6. LD19 - Germies
  7. LD21 - Thieving Fingers
  8. Mini LD11 - Little Quirks
  9. October Challenge 2011 - Little Quirks

Interesting ones include:

  • Yargh! - which used rather little of SGZ2D’s functionality, and did the vast majority of it’s logic in Lua.
  • T.I.T.A.N - which uses it’s own unique little SDL powered engine, based on Components and Entities.
  • Germies - which is one file, all C with SDL, and written in seven hours.
  • Thieving Fingers - which is the first to use GLESGAE, and rooted out vast amounts of bugs and things.

T.I.T.A.N, Fingers and the both Quirks projects haven’t been released till now, so feel free to clone, fork, poke and prod :)
GEvOlve is a load of mince… it can be thought of as the wooden spoon entry, as it was the first thing to use what turned into SGZ2D.

One final thing to note, is the main reason all these have been put up is that of bitrot as I mentioned above… Little Quirks has suffered the most, as the release included isn’t the final demo that I had done, which is shown in the screenshots on the project page. This is a shame, as there was a lot of extra logic put in, as well as some actual gameplay. The tileset was also more complete, with a few more interesting tiles of which some were recovered for the October Challenge re-do, but not everything, sadly.
That and I’m more likely to be able to go back to them when they’re in a more workable condition like this!

You can find them all on my github here: