Well.. this hasn’t gone to plan.

I do have something on screen now! And I have Box2D Physics all bound up and active! ( Though I haven’t thoroughly tested it for the needs of the game, as yet. ) But that’s about it!

Actually, I fixed a couple more engine bugs and abstracted some bits and pieces out to make them easier to deal with, so that’s good.. but still, progress overall has been rather minimal.

With only this weekend left, which has already been taken for something more important, there’s probably not much of a chance of Little Quirks getting out in time for the October Challenge.

So, what now?

I think that abandoning the Quirks ( again ) would be a bad choice. Some of the people I’ve talked to about it do think there’s something in it, and that’s always a good sign that gibbering about whatever game you’re working on sparks interest in those not affiliated with it, so it would be good to actually finish something that people might actually play.

But when will that happen?

That’s a trickier question - the remainder of this year is going to be pretty hectic for me, and finding time to work on anything outside standard work-related tasks could be particularly difficult. As this stuff doesn’t fall under the “standard work-related tasks” banner, it gets pushed to the side till free time comes available. So it’s cough done when it’s done.

The next few months are going to be mental compared to most of the year, so we’ll have to see what happens. I would like to have it done - or at least playable - by Christmas though.

That said, I have been known to randomly pull things out from nowhere, so we’ll see what happens on the run up to Tuesday.